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What You Need to Know Before Committing to a Competition Clogging Team:

Sole Impact Competition Clogging Teams are FUN and CHALLENGING! We will attend 2 or 3 competitions during the Spring semester. Sole Impact Competition Clogging Teams strive for excellence by preparing well, taking practice and attendance seriously and giving our all. While winning is fun, that is not our main focus. Our main focus is doing our best!


You will be placed on a team that fits your experience and skill level. Age is taken into consideration but is not the deciding factor. We want each dancer to be challenged but not overwhelmed.

To be on a competition team, you need to make a commitment to attend all the competitions that we decide on at the beginning of the year. You will be asked to pay upfront for the competition fees and costumes. If finances are tight, just let us know and we can work out a payment plan.

Kids under 6th grade are required to be enrolled in at least one recreational clogging class in addition to your competition team. Dancers in 6th grade and older are required to be enrolled in at least two clogging classes (this may be one competition team and one recreational clogging class or two competition teams). Two classes per week will ensure that you continue to grow as a dancer, that you continue to improve, and that you gain the skills necessary to be an asset to your teammates.

Practice attendance is mandatory and if you cannot attend, you need to let your instructor know ahead of time via email or text message. The two practices before a competition are mandatory and only very rarely will exceptions be made for missing these. If you miss one of these practices, you will unfortunately be asked to sit out at competition. We understand that you'll miss sometimes and you will be excused for sickness, school related events (like a band concert or field trip), travel and/or emergencies. Please use your time wisely each day and during the week so that practice is a priority. Of course if you miss practice, it will be up to you to catch up by watching practice videos or paying for a private lesson.

Please make sure you have appropriate attire (comfortable clothes/dancewear that you can move in) and your clogging shoes!

Most importantly, have a positive attitude and a growth mindset! Be encouraging and uplifting to your teammates and yourself!

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