Clogging is a high energy dance form with Appalachian roots that go back to the 1700s! It is the North Carolina State Folk Dance and is gaining popularity all over the United States! At Sole Impact, you can learn both traditional style clogging to good 'ol bluegrass music and the modern, contemporary clogging to popular tunes that everyone loves!

What to wear: comfortable clothes or dancewear that you can move in and clogging shoes.

Read about the history of clogging here!


From popping and locking to break dancing, Hip Hop is really in a class of its own! Hip Hop is truly an American dance form starting in New York City as a way for dancers with no formal training to express themselves with their own original moves. It it now one of the most popular (and fun!) styles of dance!

What to wear: comfortable clothes or dancewear that you can move in and tennis shoes.

Read about the history of Hip Hop here!


Musical Theater is a BLAST! Students will learn all kinds of performing skills! Ballet, jazz, modern, lyrical and movement are some of the dance styles taught to tell the story of the song. Acting and becoming the character are part of it too. No prior dance experience necessary and no singing is actually required! (Of course, if you find yourself singing along, that's ok too!)

What to wear: dance wear that you can move in and tan jazz shoes. Hair pulled back neatly in a bun or ponytail.


QuickFit is a high intensity, full-body workout in just 30 minutes! The class involves working your way through a series of stations, designed to target cardiovascular fitness, strength, and endurance.  Each class will have a different combination of exercises working your core and a variety of muscle groups.  Each exercise can be modified for those needing a less intense exercise.  All fitness levels welcome!

What to bring: water bottle and towel! You will sweat!


Creative Movement is a fun and energetic dance class just for Preschoolers. Together we will explore different styles of dance (ballet, clogging, hip hop) while allowing children to be creative and use their imaginations.


What to wear: Dance wear that you can comfortably move in and ballet shoes.


Sole Impact All-Stars is a fun and inclusive dance class for kids, teens and adults with special needs. We will dance to all kinds of music and learn some simple choreography to perform at local events and recitals. We have friendly volunteers of all ages ready to build friendships and dance with our All-Stars! This is a free class that meets once a week and is open to dancers of all abilities (including wheelchairs!).