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Young or old, new to dance or a seasoned performer - we've got the
class for you!​ No matter what your experience or ability level,

you are welcome here.
Here's what you can expect at your first class:
  • If you arrive a little early, you can wait in your car until class begins.
  • Your teachers will welcome dancers into the studio when it's time for your class. Parents/guardians may wait in your car or feel free to run an errand or take a walk on the Greenway! (If you have a very apprehensive child, give them a chance to be brave and overcome their fear, but if they need a little more encouragement, you are welcome to join them in class for a few minutes until they are settled.)
  • The first few minutes will be spent getting to know each other and talking about what is expected during class and throughout the year.
  • After class, teachers will dismiss dancers to their guardian. We will not let children outside without a guardian present. Older dancers will be allowed to find their parents in the parking lot.
Parking Logistics:
  • Our parking lot is one way only! You will enter from Old East King Street and exit onto Delmar Street. 
  • Parking is limited. If you drive yourself, please consider parking across the street at Cornerstone Church. This is also where you can park if you can't find a space in our lot.
  • Do NOT park in the no parking zone! If your child is ready to hop in the car, that is fine but do not sit and wait for them to be out of class and never leave your car unattended there. This causes major congestion in the lot and sometimes into the road. If you are sitting there, you will be asked to move. Feel free to circle around again or go park across the street. 
Making payments:
  • We use an online software called Dance Studio Pro. This is where you'll register for your all of your classes and make payments for tuition, costumes, competitions (if you're on a competition team), team apparel, etc. Bookmark this page and save your login information:
Performance Opportunities:
  • We offer several performance opportunities throughout the year. Performances we have done in the past include local parades, fall festivals, ASU basketball game half time shows, and our own recitals. While none of these are mandatory, the recitals are extremely special and a great way to show off what you have learned throughout the semester. If you cannot participate in the recital, please let your teacher know well in advance. 
What to wear:
  • For all classes, we recommend athletic type attire. Dance wear (leotard, tights, etc.) is fine but not required. No jeans! You need to be able to move comfortably. It gets hot in the warmer months so dress accordingly. Wear tennis shoes for hip hop, clogging shoes for clogging, ballet shoes for ballet/creative movement and jazz shoes for contemporary/jazz classes. You are welcome to try to find gently used shoes on your own or we can help you find some or order new ones for you. 
If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out! You can email us at
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