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Tuition and Fees.

  • Tuition is paid monthly (September-May) and due on the 1st of the month. Dancers who join mid-month will receive pro-rated tuition. 

  • There is a $35 registration fee (with a max of $55 per family). 

  • Tuition starts at $56/month.

  • Discounts are given to families with multiple dancers.

  • Refunds are not given for dancers who withdraw mid-month, who miss for illness, travel, etc., or for inclement weather days (we try to not cancel unless the roads are deteriorating quickly). 

  • Competition Team Dancers have additional expenses for competition registration fees and costumes.

  • We have both a Christmas and Spring recital and tickets are available for sale about a month before the event.

Other expenses you can expect: 

  • Sole Impact T-shirt $18

  • Sole Impact Sweatshirt $28 

  • Clogging Shoes (for cloggers who wear a size 12.5 in kids or larger) $81

  • Tap shoes (for cloggers who wear a 12 in kids or smaller) $24

  • Ballet shoes $21 (also available at Walmart)

  • Jazz shoes $36

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