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What You Can Expect From Us at Sole Impact Studios: 

​We promise to always welcome you with a smile and a positive attitude!


We promise to provide professional-quality instruction and communication. We communicate through email and often also post to our Facebook page and/or private group. If we ever have to get a last minute message to you, we will send a text message.  


​We promise to do our best to keep you and/or your dancer safe! Sometimes injuries happen, and if that is ever the case, we will notify you immediately and worst case scenario, call for emergency help. Safety is very important to us and we take this seriously!


​We promise to always be prepared and excited to have class! However, here in the mountains, winter weather happens! If we have to cancel classes, we promise to let you know by email, posting to our Facebook page and also on the Ray's Weather Closing & Cancellations page.  


​We promise to take you and your child's privacy seriously. We love to promote our studio and often use pictures of the dancers in class and at performances. If you do not want you or your child's photo posted to our website, Facebook or Instagram, please let us know! 

What We Expect From You: 

We expect you to make your dance classes a priority and attend every class with a positive attitude, prepared for class with proper attire and shoes and ready to learn! 

We expect you to communicate with us. We prefer email (or text message if it's short notice). If you can't be at class, we'd like to know! If your circumstances change and you can no longer commit to your class(es), please let us know through email.

We expect you to do all you can to keep yourself and your classmates safe by coming to class healthy and in the proper shoes! We can't allow you to dance barefoot or in sandals. 

We expect you to pay tuition and all other payments on time. (Tuition is due the first of the month.) You can pay with a credit card or PayPal in Dance Studio Pro. If you pay with a check or cash, please make sure it is labeled and turned in at the studio. (And if your check is returned, we expect you to reimburse us for the bank fee we are charged.)

We expect competition team members to keep their year-long commitments and make all practices, rehearsals and competitions a priority. We expect you to be on time and ready to learn! 

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