Sole Impact Studios is committed to providing a safe space for you and your child to dance. As guidelines and protocols are constantly changing, we will do our best to stay up-to-date and informed on best practices. Here are some things you can expect: 

1. Temperature screening and hand sanitizing upon entering class. 

2. Masks will be worn by all teachers and dancers when arriving to class and leaving and during any breaks. While dancing (in physically distanced spots), dancers may take off their mask (either letting hang over their chin or putting in a pocket). Vigorous exercise while wearing a mask can be dangerous. We are going by the CDC guidelines on mask wearing and exercise and advice given to us from medical professionals in our area.  

3. The lobby and common areas will be closed for waiting during and between classes. 

4. Water fountains will also be closed so bring a water bottle. 

5. If you have ANY symptoms of COVID please do not come to class. If you have been exposed to anyone with COVID, please do not come to class

6. Students will dance in a 6x6 foot square to keep our distance. 


*Participation in dance classes at Sole Impact Studios is optional and there is risk of exposure to COVID. Please use your best judgment and do what you feel is best for your family. We will be offering a virtual option for anyone who does not feel comfortable coming to class in person. You may choose to commit to this platform for an extended period of time or may use this option occasionally if exhibiting symptoms of COVID or having been exposed.